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Appropriate for all juristic which want to auditors to work on auditing standards.


Referred to The Civil and Commercial and Company Limited Act 2535 define juristic as a limited company, public limited company, limited partnership, ordinary corporate and international corporate must submit financial statements to the Department of Business Development within the period that defined by law.


1. Limited company and public limited companies should submit financial statements to the Department of Business Development within 1 month since the date of financial statements have been approved by the Annual General Meeting. The meeting must be held available within 4 months of the end from the closing date.
2. Limited partnership, Ordinary corporate and international corporate should submit financial statements to the Department of Business Development within 5 months from the closing date.


The Civil and Commercial requires companies that must create an account and provide a shareholders meeting within 4 months of the end of the accounting period in the conference. Must be auditor certified through the fiscal audit of the auditor with permission. This means that the entity must provide the accounting and auditing to be completed before the meeting. (If the account ended December 31, will be delivered by April 30 meeting).


RRACC is the office services accounts. But we are partners as the many auditors. The performance of all auditor use audit standards. As detail below:



1. To determine whether financial statements prepared in compliance with relevant accounting standards.

2. To provide users with financial confidence in the information contained in financial statements.



1. Auditors of the Company to comment on the financial statements of the Company that such financial statements.
As shown at the end of the fiscal period and results of operations for the year ended the same.
The accuracy, as should the accounting principles. Generally accepted or not by just any practice review auditing standards.
2. Observer is monitoring physical inventories and cash count.
3. Issued audit report.
4. The audit is not designed to ensure that it fully not error or fraud list.
That may affect the Company financial statements are required within the necessary control measures. To prevent is not to errors or fraud to the Office of the recommendation to improve internal controls and operations set forth above note by the results of the audit.



1. To observe physical count at the time after is informed requirement from client.
2. Our firm will send staff to the review year-ended after the client informs completely in the annual closing. And time schedule in each auditing depend on job quantity.