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Appropriate for business owners who want to do an account by professional accountants.

Referred to Accounting Act, BE 2543 (2000) assigned persons who are responsible for accounting are persons who must provide the accounting according to this Act consisting of: a registered partnership, limited company, public limited company established under a Thai law, juristic person established under a foreign law engaging in a business in Thailand, joint venture under the Revenue Code, shall be the person having the duty to keep accounts, and must provide the bookkeeping for its business operations in accordance with the details, rules and procedures prescribed under this Act within 60 days from the date of that the business start. The qualifications and conditions for accountant in this Act according to size of business identified as follow.
- Bachelor of Accounting or equivalent for every type of business.
- High Vocational Certificate (Accounting) or Diploma (Accounting) for company limited and registered partnership with.
- Capital of no more than 5 million Baht.
- Total income of no more than 30 million Baht.
- Total Asset for no more than 30 million Baht.
- For ordinary person, if the owner of the business does not prepare the accounting by him / herself, he / she does not need to identify the educational level for accountant but if he / she employs other persons to prepare the accounting, the accountant must have the specified educational level.
So the company or partnership has 2 alternatives to provide the accounting of operations as follows.
1. Provide employees of the business account
Advantage – Recording accounting transaction
Disadvantage - An experienced bookkeeper has high salary for new business.
2. Use service of the accounting firm
Advantage – To obtain the accountant who has accounting knowledge, experience, and fees that cheaper than hiring accounting manager.
Disadvantage - To obtain the financial report or accounting data delayed.
RRACC has employees serving customers about account services around 25-30 persons who 95% of them graduated a bachelor's degree in accounting which you can ensure in accountant’s qualifications to support your account.
Details of our services
1. To help alleviate the burden of corporate and emerging entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) management accounting and control costs about people in such account to pay the salary of various bonuses and other benefit.
2. To ensure that you create an account is a legitimate account and tax laws and other laws related activities.
3. So that you get the accuracy and reliable of financial statements including can use information to make decisions in your business and moreover than help to keep the time.
• Tax Planning
• Monthly reports (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss)
• Withholding Tax (PND 3, 53)
• Value Added Tax (PP 30)
• Withholding Tax Return (PND 54)
• Mid-Year Tax Return (PND 51)
• Annual Tax Return (PND 50)
• Annual Financial Statement submission to Thai government
• Record accounting transactions
• Supporting schedules for financial statements
• Other services e.g. prepare stock card 
1. To have an accounting team for support your business that RRACC will inform you after following the service response.
2. To provide advice and suggestions about documents management for good internal control and keep important documents to prepare for official government especially the revenue officers.
3. To suggest your staff in preparing purchase tax (input vat) reporting and sales tax (output vat) reporting and completely checking for purchase tax invoice.
4. If the establishment is located in Bangkok. The company will provide staff to bring the document at your office (not more than 3 times per month, except if any necessary).
5. Accounting Team will record an account transaction using by accounting system in every month. For the first step after get the document
5.1 Analysis documents
5.2 Record them to following account:

(1) Cash Journal.
(2) Bank Journal (classifying into each bank account number).
(3) Purchasing Journal.
(4) Sales Journal.
(5) General Journal.

(1) Asset, Debt and Capital ledger.
(2) Income and expense ledger.
(3) Accounts Receivable ledger.
(4) Accounts Payable ledger.
Including prepare inventory account and journal, ledger of other types and sub-ledger according to the needs to prepare accounting for the businesses
So if you want to obtain a monthly financial statement. You will receive it as the following the date in agreement.
6. To provide financial statement such as profit and loss statement and balance sheets under the agreement (monthly, quarterly, half year and yearly).
7. Closing the fiscal financial statement. And prepare financial statements announced by the Department of Business Development (DBD) consist of Statements of income, Balance sheets, Statements of changes in equity and Notes to the financial statements.
8. Co-ordination with auditor to audit the financial statements and observe for the inspection of physical inventories count.