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Training of Accounting software (Express) 

In the present advance of technology, business enable facing competition with more information than its competitors that advantage in the competition field. The account information is important financial decisions of any business. Modern accountants are necessary to have IT knowledge in accounting. That’s mean accountant must to be more than who use accounting programs that it help to save time in recording transaction accounts and make accountants more time to think doing something for additional efficiency themselves.


Now there are many accounting software that accountants need to provide suitable accounting software for business, RRACC would like to recommend one Accounting Software to support your company that is “EXPRESS” because it is easy to use, fair price and there is support team after sales service. “EXPRESS” is the software program that development by Thai people for support SMEs business and as the best one in the accounting software has the most users in Thailand.


RRACC use this program in the preparation of customer accounts since 1996 until now. You can ensure RRACC can implement this program in the preparation of accounts efficiently to reduce the time of trial and error to start the program account.


Suitable for
1. Accountants are looking for accounting software to assist in the preparation of accounts.
2. SMEs, entrepreneur would like to have the account information quickly in time.


1. For accountant who is interest in the accounting software to assist in the beginning of work and to use the program.
2. For an alternative of businesses to use quality accounting software and reasonable price that well known among of accountants.
3. To develop accountants to have much more IT knowledge in term of accounting.


1. To explain overall of the program operation.
2. Topics of training with real the practical
- Settings program
- Define chart of account and various codes such as customer code, product code, vendor code etc
- Recording Balance Forward of every module
- Using Sales and Collection Module
- Using Purchasing and Payment Module including the preparation of certificate of tax withholding.
- Using Inventory Module
- Using Bank Module and bank reconciliation
- Preparing Value Added Tax Report
- Preparing Withholding Tax Report
- Suggestion reports in program to check the accuracy of recorded data


1. The trainee will use one computer in training class for real practice
2. The trainer by Khun Wanruedee Pimpraphot - Managing Director of RRACC (MBA-Controllership, CPA. Thailand) and there is a team to support the trainee
3. Period of Training Courses - Full-time 2 days or 12 hours for a basic account and want to count hours of training (CPD).
4. Period of Training Courses - Full-time 20 hours for those who do not want to count hours of training (CPD) and you can set date and time schedule to study for themselves. (Able to accumulate time until at the end of course) and if find the problem or not understand in usage of program after work which can be come back to re-training without the expense.