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Tax Services 

Appropriate for all juristic would like pay tax correct and efficient.

 The Revenue Department has currently tracking entrepreneur’s tax system that separated into corporate governance team which is responsible in tax audit of operators in business class includes financial information and entrepreneur’s tax history that use in analysis for comparison.

So tax filing based on information consistent with the realities of business. That will help businesses to clarify the information to staff and reducing tax assessment.

RRACC as TAX AGENT of The Revenue Department of Thailand since 2005. We takes care customer’s tax according to fact situation with tax planning and analysis of customer data regularly. We have a taxes team separately from account service team which have an expertise in financial analysis and tracking information from The Revenue Department of Thailand on a regular basis. We are sure take care about your taxes very well.


1. To submit corporate tax filing is correct according to the Revenue Code and reducing amount of the fine and tax assessment.


1. Free Consultancy tax thorough service contract.
2. Preparation Tax Filing and Payments for Thai and Foreign Company Carrying on Business in Thailand as follows.

• Preparation monthly salary withholding tax payment: Withholding Income Tax Return (P.N.D.1, 2) for Assessable Income and submit the amount of tax withheld to the District Revenue Offices within 7 days of the following month in which the payment is made.
• Preparation monthly other expense withholding tax payment: Withholding Income Tax Return (P.N.D.3, 53) and Withholding Income Tax and Profit Remittance Return (P.N.D. 54) submit within 7 days of next month.
• Preparation monthly value added tax (VAT) returns or value added tax (VAT) payment: Preparation Value Added Tax Return under the Revenue Code (PP30) must be submitted to the District Revenue Offices within 15 days of following month.
• Preparation Specific Business Tax Return under the Revenue Code (PT40) and payment must be submitted to the District Revenue Offices within 15 days of following month.


Any Thai or foreign company carrying on business in Thailand must submit their corporate income tax returns and payments twice a year.
• Preparation and filing semi-annual tax return must be submitted (CIT 51 form) within two months after the end of the first six months, the amount of tax due shall be half of the entire year projection of the company's annual net profit.
• Preparation and filing annual tax returns (CIT 50 form) must be submitted within 150 days after the closing date of its accounting period.


 Withholding Income Tax
1. The customer must be prepares and delivery document and copy of the withholding tax certificate to RRACC within 1 day of next month.
2. When RRACC already receive customer’s money for tax payment, RRACC will submit customer’s tax via the internet or submit to the District Revenue Offices within 7 days.

 Value Added Tax
1. The company will send officer to bring the Purchase tax (input vat) and Selling Tax (output vat) report include copies of tax invoice within 10 days of next month for check the accuracy and fill in the amount of tax in the form PP30 after that will inform your amount of tax no more than 13 days of each month. When RRACC already receive money for tax payment, we will submit your tax via the internet within 15 days.

 After submit all tax already, RRACC will delivery the tax receipt and issue invoice together. For the next time if customer would like to keep a copy of tax form as evidence, RRACC will send them no more than 2 weeks from the date of the submit tax.

 RRACC will keep the copy of tax form and tax receipt for customer every month within 3 years for the tax period and delivery to customer after due date. For this purpose it is convenience and time savings to our customers in preparing documents to Revenue Department Officer.