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About Us

RRACC is one of accounting company to obtain the quality accounting firm certified by Department of Business Development, The Ministry of Commerce since 2008.

-RRACC is approved as "TAX AGENT" by The Revenue Department of Thailand since 2005.

-RRACC is a member of "Thai Accounting Firms Association" or "TAFA" since 2003 which coordinate the collaboration between Department of Business Development and Ministry of Commerce in the quality of accounting business and is widely well known.

-RRACC is the professional of accounting services and has experience more than 25 years.

RRACC has commitment to make the quality services and standard in according to rule and treatment of Department of Business Development and The Revenue Department including support customer requirement. So you can trust and confidence in our quality of accounting service.



Rungrueng Accounting & Lawyer Co.,Ltd. or "RRACC" is a professional company providing Accounting, Audit, Tax and Advisory services. RRACC was established by Mr.Vicharn Pimpraphot who is ownership and executive officer, started its operation as individual office in 1979 and on January 3rd, 1997 RRACC registered entity as a limited company. RRACC now serves more than 180 customers including foreign companies, who we consulted and assisted their set up in Thailand. Our service team consists of more than 40 persons to assist customers' business accounting and taxation.

For more than 25 years, the core business of the company is to provide accounting service, including design of internal controls over the business processes to customers. As a specialist in this field, the company can assure its customers with accuracy and the best quality service. RRACC is committed to quality of professional services to meet customer standards and is accepted by Department of Business Development and The Revenue Department. RRACC operates under the management and vision "Quality of Services and Professional Responsibilities". You are convinced that Rungrueng Accounting & Lawyer Co.,Ltd. is one of office that you can reliable.



1. To give a quality of accounting service for customer to comply with accounting standards, tax law and related other laws.

2. To create a good corporate culture for unity of employees.

3. To manage with justice, create a value services, and value to the business and develop quality of staff living in very honorable.

4.To cooperate in promoting and supporting vocational accounting education institutions.


 Corporate Culture

R esponsibility, To have customer responsibilities and work assignments.

U nity, To knows love harmony.

N ice, To gives the good things together.

G lorry, To brings organization through prosperity and stability.

R elation, To have a good human relationship.

U nderstand, To understand in work and respect people.

E quity is fair and magnanimous to each other.

N EWS, To knows current situation in the world.

G oal, To oriented destination organization.

A nalysis, To analysis data by systematically and efficiently.

C ommunication, To good communicate and understanding in collaboration both of internally and externally.

C orrection, To work with accuracy and precision to good service.